DeepForge Component Overview

DeepForge is composed of four main elements:

  • Server: Main component hosting all the project information and is connected to by the clients.
  • Database: MongoDB database containing DeepForge, job queue for the workers, etc.
  • Worker: Slave machine performing the actual machine learning computation.
  • Client: The connected browsers working on DeepForge projects.

Of course, only the Server, Database (MongoDB) and Worker need to be installed. If you are not going to execute any machine learning pipelines, installing the Worker can be skipped.

Component Dependencies

The following dependencies are required for each component:

  • Server (NodeJS v8.11.3)
  • Database (MongoDB v3.0.7)
  • Worker: NodeJS v8.11.3 (used for job management logic) and Python 3. If you are using the deepforge-keras extension, you will also need Keras and TensorFlow installed.
  • Client: We recommend using Google Chrome and are not supporting other browsers (for now). In other words, other browsers can be used at your own risk.


After installing DeepForge, it can be helpful to check out configuring DeepForge